Reiki Blue Mountains & Penrith

Reiki is a Japanese word, meaning universal life force. It’s a gentle, non-invasive natural therapy treatment which usually leaves the client with a feeling of well-being.


It is a complementary physical therapy and can be used to support other therapies, medical and non-medical. Reiki won’t interfere with other treatments you may be receiving. In a Reiki session, the client remains fully clothed while I place my hands either on or just above specific locations on the body. Reiki provides a specific structure to a treatment session, however client needs will always determine what kind of treatment is given. A Reiki session can be used to focus on a specific mental, physical, emotional or spiritual issue or need.

A Reiki session is usually 1 hour, though can be shorter. I use a short mindfulness practice to support you in focussing on what your intention is for the Reiki session. This allows you to get the most benefit from your treatment.


If you are living with Cancer, Blue Mountains Cancer Help will subsidise your Reiki treatment with me. If you are unable to come to my studio, I can come to your home to give you a nurturing Reiki treatment.

I am trained in Gendai Reiki, Level 3, and am currently in training for my Reiki Master. All Reiki sessions are covered by my Insurance.

To find out more about my Blue Mountains based Reiki services call 0414 275 875 today.