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I turned to Catherine when I developed concern with my daughter’s school progress because Catherine is a trained teacher and art therapist, and offers a holistic approach to learning. Catherine’s ability to apply learning to real life, her grounded, steady and soft guiding influence and her rich life experience gives me and my daughter much welcome support. Her work with my daughter helps and supports her academically, as well as inspiring and building her confidence. She had been comparing herself to her peers and lacking confidence about her schoolwork, now she feels confident about herself in the classroom, plus she loves coming to see Catherine.

– Sal

Kids Learning 4 Empowerment Blue Mountains & Penrith

As a parent and teacher for over 35years I know parents are usually aware that feeling good about yourself as a learner is the foundation of successful learning at school, and throughout your life.

Developing the necessary stage appropriate literacy and numeracy skills fit together with positive self-esteem as a learner – like a hand fits a glove.

I am here to support your child in growing self-awareness and self-confidence through learning experiences. Self-awareness includes knowing what choices you have. When your child knows they have choice, and can see and act on these choices using their knowledge and skills, they feel empowered. When your child feels empowered as a learner they experience more learning success, and in turn feel more confident as a learner. And so this builds on itself.

Kids Learning EmpowermentKids Learning Empowerment

Your child and I will work together on their literacy and numeracy challenges as well as their self-esteem as a learner, identifying and building on strengths and facing challenges with the resources we have discovered in their strengths.

I work with each child’s preferred learning styles and support them to use these when they come up against a learning edge/ something they find hard to do. In each session your child will choose from creative processes – painting, drawing, clay, collage, sand play – as they work on identified skill deficit areas and build their confidence as a learner.

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Kids Learning Empowerment