Mentoring Blue Mountains & Penrith

Catherine mentored our daughter for a year in her final year of primary school to produce a set of short-stories. Catherine helped her find her voice and guided her to develop her ideas. A beautiful partnership blossomed between the mentor and student, and the results were astounding for us as her parents. Catherine is nothing short of wonderful: intelligent, empowering, emotional, and a gentle guide that can reveal the writer within. Our daughter wants to become a novelist and we will return to Catherine in the near future.

– Alexander

Catherine was a great mentor. She always encouraged me and constantly helped me improve my writing. She’s very friendly and I felt totally at ease around her.

– Anna (now 14)

I’m a published writer – creative and academic, and have exhibited my artwork. I’ve worked for many years on a variety of large creative projects from an arts based PhD, to two books – one in psychology, one in social ecology – to two painting series. I am currently writing a memoir. I know the ebbs and flows of creativity and the opportunities that sit inside blocks and stuck places. I mentor adults and children.

Mentoring Blue Mountains & Penrith

Do you have a project you are working with? Would you like the opportunity to use creative processes to deepen your engagement with your project? Are you stuck, needing to find the way forward? Mentoring is not counselling or therapy, although it requires deep listening and empathy. It includes holding a safe space for you to work with the creative challenges in your project.

In a mentoring session we work together on the area of your project you’d like to focus on. We move between the forest and the trees or the waterfall and the layers and colours of the rock! We do this through discussion and a creative process if appropriate.

We can also negotiate Skype, phone calls and emails for ongoing communication between sessions.

Three words for our mentoring relationship: motivating, reflective, progressive. It provided me with an ongoing professional relationship – a valuable alternate ‘outside’ perspective to standard internal academic or higher research supervision

– Geoff, Academic Mentee

I …felt like an artist trapped in a bureaucrat’s body … Being with you gave me an opening… into a me that I could be, if I was present and alive in the moment, acting with my true and creative force.

– Naomi

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Mentoring Blue Mountains & Penrith