Professional Development Blue Mountains & Penrith

Catherine, showed me processes I have used in many communities in Australia, Timor and New Zealand. Also processes I’ve used over many years for myself and my well-being. My goodness what a magic gift she gave me …A pebble changing the world she is. Thank you Catherine from the many lives, communities and families you’ve contributed to and from me.

– Liam, Community Development

Professional Development Blue Mountains and Penrith

I am available to design and present professional development specifically for your organisational needs. As a teacher I have 35plus years as an experiential arts based educator and facilitator.

My speciality areas include: creative recovery; bringing creativity to life and work; learning and creativity; working with challenging behaviours in the classroom; ecological approaches to life and learning; change processes; living personal sustainability; growth and change processes; understanding and healing trauma, its impacts, challenges and gifts. I can run sessions of any length – you decide what works for your organisation, we collaborate in the design. Investing in creative capital opens previously unseen opportunities for growth and development personally and professionally.
Professional Development Blue Mountains and Penrith

I currently work as a program facilitator at the Centre for Sustainability Leadership, which supports our future leaders to more effectively enable positive change in the world. During my research I discovered the innovative processes that Dr Catherine Camden-Pratt has employed for many years at the University of Western Sydney and also her contribution to the book – Social Ecology. As she is one of the few practitioners in Australia who deeply understands the links between creative practice, art therapy and sustainability, I invited Catherine to facilitate one of our workshops in 2014. Catherine employed creative practices such as Haiku and creating mandalas as a fun way to support the participants’ self-reflection. This included reflecting on what it means to be creative, understanding the psychological and emotional barriers to achieving one’s creative potential, and why it is important to nourish creativity in order to be a more effective leader for sustainability. I not only found Catherine to be an engaging and inspiring facilitator but also gained some great tips and ideas for how I could use creative practice in other workshops. So if you are looking for an experienced and empathic facilitator, mentor or coach to support your professional and/or life objectives, I highly recommend Catherine’s innovative approach to working with individuals, teams and organisations.

– Jeremy Mah Program Facilitator, Centre for Sustainability

Call me on 0414 275 875 or contact me via the contact page to discuss your organisational needs.